What are firesides?

Baha'i Beliefs:

Independent investigation of truth

Oneness of Mankind

Universal Peace

Abandonment of Racial, Religious, Political Prejudices

God has sent His message many times

Fireside discussions hosted by Baha’is are normally focused on selected readings with a conversation about questions that are raised. All viewpoints are welcome because without an open forum the search for truth is hindered.

The greatest insights can be brought to light by the quietest person or by the newcomer. A good blend of people helps to spur the discourse.

Everyone follows their own path through culture, religion, difficulties, successes, growth, and faith. Those tales are a testament to the greatness of God.

Much like the Allegory of the Cave in Plato’s The Republic, many humans are still chained and watching the shadows dance across the wall that Socrates described.

Enraptured by the stories of the fantastic sights others have seen on the wall, too often we are content to simply become accustomed to the bonds keeping us from a fuller life.

The holy writings of all religions contain both spiritual and cultural lessons. With consultation we are able to see the limitless truths that will guide humanity to a higher plane of discourse and community.